This website was made primarily as a home for the Friendlybot Discord bot and to allow people in the RuneScape community to keep track of their achievements, current in-game events and to help other players by creating guides.

The Friendlybot is a Discord bot with various administrative and RuneScape-related features.

It allows you to easily manage your server by creating reaction roles, assign roles to someone when they join your server, create temporary voice channels, receive administration logs, use ticketing features and much more.
The bot also allows you to set up giveaways, events, affiliate with other servers and host groups for bosses in several games.

To find more information about the Friendlybot, visit the Help page.

Players can subscribe to have their achievements tracked and then search for their name here: Search page.

I'll also post some RuneScape-related guides and pictures of events with my clan ScapeAndChill.
I'm still working on this website so it's definitely not a finished product, feel free to suggest some things you'd like to see or think would make a great addition to the site!